Learn and Master Guitar review


Learning to play the guitar is an enjoyable experience if you have the right instruction. Private lessons are by far the best method to learn as a beginner, but not all of us have the time or the money. Learn about a fantastic self study course that costs less then private lessons but matches the quality of instruction in this Learn and master guitar review.


Doug Marks said...

The problem that I have with Learn and Master Guitar is, all of the reviews that I've read are posted by paid affiliates. That's okay if you identify yourself as such but it's misleading if you don't say that it's a paid review.

Dan said...


Interesting that your name links to MetalMethod a competitor of Learn and Master Guitar.

I think that particular review above walks through the course quite throughly and there's a video there as well with both pros & cons..

Most affiliates should have a disclaimer posted that lets them know that the reviewer COULD get paid if the customer purchases. How ever it isn't a "paid review" as per se.