The Truth About Lies

Author Jim Murdoch muses on writing and the perversity of the English language. Veering from the nostalgic to the acerbic his blog will amuse anyone with a love of literature and language.


A blog about getting away from the seriousness of life and having fun know, sarcastic, witty, and fun!!

The Water Bottle

a blog full of humor, wit, life observations, some product reviews...Very interesting

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Empowering Thoughts

Empowering thoughts for all, poems, writings and thoughts about life and things of general interest

Flashy & Fly

Informative blog that has everything from SEO advice to the latest trends in,on and around the internet. Sometimes i deviate from internet news to comment on car events, fashion shows and teaching you how to learn from my mistakes. Also keeps you up to date with the latest cape town events...

ChROma CreAtIvE

a creative platform to discover, create, explore....and conquer

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FUNda Land

Welcome to FUNdaland! Visit our blog daily for the funniest pictures you will ever see, aswell as jokes, cartoons,celebrities, everything here is just absolutely FUN.

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Live to Surf

Daily Surfing News & Tips for beginner surfers...

Hardstyle Lovers

For the latest hardstyle news visit Hardstyle Lovers at Here you'll find the best hardstyle music, images, video's and much more. If you've got hardstyle in your veins, be sure to have a look!

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